For almost 10 Years I have been collecting of Jeep MB/GPW parts to build(restoring) them as one of the beautiful car in the world : Willys MB or Ford GPW ( See the picture below(not my jeep picture anyway)). In the middle of my main project (Restoring WWII Jeep), I have restoring a CJ2A ( the Civilian Version Jeep made by Willys around 1945), I made some modification of this civilian jeep into military version (MC-M38) by adding some military standard accesories, such as : shovel, axe, Black Out fender Lamp, Jerrycan + support, Trailer receptacles, Vacum windshield wiper, front + rear B.O. Lamp, replacing CJ2 windshield with CJ3A. (wanna see my CJ2A pictures)


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